Loot Lake’s Bunker connected to Captain America, Fortnite X Avengers

I am not some big theory crafter, but this may serve as an indicator that we’ll receive Captain America in the coming Fortnite X Avengers game mode. Most likely, Iron Man will be included too, taking into consideration their in-movie rivalry.

Nevertheless, if you try to overlap Captain America’s shield with Loot Lake’s bunker, each star edge could be easily connected with the surface of the bunker. More precisely, the Star Edges on Captain America’s shield, perfectly fit the rune slots edges. As you can see in the picture below, they are completely connected, which may be an indicator of what’s coming next.

Now that we know Fortnite X Avengers event is coming in two days, we may see some of the characters being exposed before the event hits. After the first teaser, looking at the bunker confirms that is clearly Captain America’s shield.

It all makes sense now from FortNiteBR

Even if the thread is saltier than every other met on Reddit, it establishes a fact. However, we have 2 days left until the official event, the day when we find out what exactly is going to happen.

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