Mortal Kombat 11’s gets a new fighter, Cetrion

Mortal Kombat 11 will receive a new fighter, Cetrion. The elder Goddess Cetrion joins the MK11 fighter roster and comes as an increment. As a celebration to its arrival, NetherRealm has released a reveal trailer showcasing Cetrion’s power. Judging by the first looks, Cetrion can benefit in ranged fights.

Coming into the highlight as a Goddess, she seems to put an astonishing mark in the Mortal Kombat’s world. She has the power to control natural elements. Being able to summon and control rocks, she can easily settle in both melee and ranged distances, outsourcing their opponent by much.

Having a set of abilities doesn’t resemble anything related to its finisher. The finisher, not going to lie, looks like a claustrophobic attack, as will wrap its opponent in rocks. After strangling the opponent the goddess grows beyond earth and starts mouth-lasering the opponent to conclude the fight.

The reveal trailer can be found below, so as the power hiding between the goddess. Having the power to control the natural elements such as water, fire, solid rocks and plants, it may become the next most favorite fighter among the fans.

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