Nintendo’s President Reggie Fils-Aime joins Twitter as a celebration to his last day at work

President no longer, but Twitter user forever. Reggie Fils-Aime’s last day at work as president of Nintendo US brought him to a decision to join Twitter. His first step into this big of a social media is marked with his retirement.

The official announcement of the retirement of Reggie has been announced back in February, linking to the next upcoming president of Nintendo US, Doug Bowser. Recently after his joining on Twitter, he’s addressed the whole Twitter community with a greeting message.

Life has to go on, and despite the sadness left behind to many fans across the world, Nintendo has to continue its development on a variety of projects. Now, Reggie’s twitter follower number is still in an insanely incremental phase.

No one knows the intentions behind the creation of his official Twitter account, but many believe it is because of marketing advantages. His bio reads: “Retired President/COO @NintendoAmerica. Active business provocateur.”

He also expressed thanks to the warm welcome. However, the sadness implied once again when he said he’s packing his office, burying memories within.


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