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Pokemon GO Snapshot Challenge Event Announced

Niantic has announced a brand new challenge event coming to Pokemon GO. Listed under the name Snapshot Challenge, the event is slated to take part in three stages. However, the official kick-off begins on April 15th and will carry two more stages, which will possess a different set of challenges.

Below we have compiled the required time span of each three stages. The Snapshot Challenge Event will conclude on May 22nd, which will decide the final winners.

  • April 15 – 24 / Buddy Challenge / Take photos with your Buddy Pokemon.
  • April 29 – May 8 / Habitat Challenge / Take a photo with a Pokemon in natural Habitat.
  • May 13 – 22 / Go Create challenge / Open in motif

Entries can be posted on Twitter and Instagram with using the correct hashtag. For this event, the hashtag is #GOSnapshot. Winners will be picked at the end of the event, and the win is most likely to be based on creativity.

Winners will be rewarded with PokeStop in their dedication, including 1 Pokemon GO Fest at their choice. Two other runners will also get the chance to receive a PokeStop with their photo.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe that this event will be attractive to fellow Pokemon GO Trainers?

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