Shadow Bomb is coming to Fortnite soon

Fortnite’s news section has just updated, showcasing a new item bound to come with the next patch. A new grenade, Shadow Bomb, serving for the greater good of stealthiness. According to some data miners, this update won’t require any client-side patch, which will most likely be entitled as a content update. However, there will still be a server downtime.

According to the Fortnite news section, the Shadow Bomb already has an intriguing description. What it will serve for precisely? Well, no one actually knows that, but it will surely be a fun item, just as similar to every other item added over the course of this Season.

Shadow Bomb

Stealth and Utility make for a surprise!

The Shadow Bomb will surely have a great impact on the current meta, especially when we’re in front of Fortnite’s biggest event ever. That is the World Cup, for which qualifiers are still ongoing. Just as anybody else, we’re looking forward to receiving this item in Fortnite.

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