Sony won’t ban inappropriate PSN IDs but will use filters

After the implementation of the PSN ID change feature, Sony has added something different that prevents banning. According to the repository’s knowledge, Sony will first acquire info if the PSN ID is violent or offensive, and based on that, apply a filter by using a temporary placeholder. Therefore, a PSN ID that violates the policy won’t be banned, but just replaced with another name.

For example, if the PSN ID is rude it will be replaced with a temporary placeholder like “TempXXXX”. This will prevent difficulties for the Support Team and settling with inquiries regarding recent changes. Previously, Sony used to get rid of the offensive PSN IDs by banning them.

However, there are multiple video games who do not support this current implementation. This may cause a PSN ID leak that will look assaulting in the player’s eyes. However, as time goes by, Sony will probably add support for all games, neglecting possible issues from surfacing.

As we have noted previously, if a PlayStation user wants to retain his leaderboard statistics, it is better to keep its current PSN ID in possession. Changing the PSN ID may cause further issues and loss of leaderboards data, which in the end may cause further headaches for the consumer. It may also shatter the current in-game property such as in-game currency and more.

No matter how reliable the service is, changing the PSN ID could be very crucial for you. If you decide to completely mask yourself out, then it’s your choice, just make sure you remember this warning.

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