Sword Fight Squads LTM now available in Fortnite

The new Sword Fight LTM is now available in Fortnite. It brings back a glimpse of the once available Infinity Blade. Are you ready to tackle down the new LTM with your friends? Epic Games’ decision to bringing this LTM will surely bring fun for the time being.

All of the games in which the Infinity Blade took part were quite fun to watch. Now, it will be a tiny bit different as not everyone will get the chance to hold onto the Infinity Blade and become godlike while in possession.

Treasure chests contain Epic or better weapons as well as the occasional Infinity Blade! Fight your opponents to find out who is worthy of the Blade… and who is not.

The Sword Fight Limited Time Mode proves that Epic Games still have plans and haven’t got rid of the Infinity Blade. It still messes with their plans, and we may be seeing something related to it very soon.

The Infinity Blade as a mythic item produced a huge fan backlash back in the days when it was available in the core BR gameplay. After its vault, players were quite surprised and happy about the decision done by Epic Games. Luckily, now it’s back again, but only usable in the Sword Fight LTM.

What do you think about the Infinity Blade yourself? Was it a good or bad decision to bring it back to the game?

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