The Division 2: Operation Dark Hours Raid multiple stages and mechanics Leak

Data miners have been on top of any single game so far. Knowing that The Division 2 is the first in the franchise to receive Raids, further digging has been undergoing. The first raid in Division 2 will be formed of 8 players, as they’ll tackle down Operation Dark Hours. There have been numerous details leaked and how the stages will change as you progress through the raid.

Many players do not know how excessive and entertaining The Division 2 is, and they still believe that it holds little rather than much content in the end-game. To put a period to all of that, Massive has made a huge decision to bring Raids to The Division 2. If you’re a gamer that wants no spoilers regarding TD2’s upcoming raid, Operation Dark Hours, then you should stop reading the article now.

The info about the upcoming raid has been released by the same user that managed to hint the first details about the 8-man battle. The info is supposed to be true as it may hold a word about an insider, whose job is to tease the upcoming raid in this fashion.

New Items

There will be new items introduced in the raid, that will have a critical role to play. They are all named as PowerPlay and have a limited time of use. This is most likely a word for upcoming consumables which can be picked in the raid that will provide the players with a certain boost. For more detailed info, you can see the table below:

Key Name Type Efficiency Info
Dark Drinker Signature Weapon Restock S. Ammo Limited Time usability
Dark Devour Fast Recharge Super recharge of skills Inactive while having an active skill
Thieves Den Collectibles Spot vanity items or exotic ones Items will be marked on agent’s mini map
G. Phillips Protocol Character Factions Hunters are allying to you against the Elites for short time
Dawn of Dark Character Raid checkpoint Unlock hidden checkpoint at your current location

Locations & Objectives

The Raid will start from Arlington Bridge and will tempt players to survive the assault. The objective is clear to survive the assault, as they’ll attempt to cross the bridge on a timer. One of the Agents will be assigned to NPCs that will have the eyesight of the hidden escape route, and the agents will cover their back out to safety.

Find the Stolen GPS Coordinates

From there, they’ll move to The Bazaar in which they’ll have to acquire hidden GPS coordinates. This is considered to be a puzzle within the raid which will split two groups of 4. We assume they won’t be randomly assigned as players could transfer from team to team based on their strengths and weaknesses. One of the team will have to solve the puzzle, while the other team will be fighting and securing the coordinates. The Puzzle-Solving team will be acquired to input the coordinates into the panel found in the watchtower and initiate the encounter missile system. Mini fights will be encountered during this whole time.

Blackout Attack

The Bazaar will also hold another objective in which the Elites faction is introduced for the first time. They will have the ability to absorb the agent’s skills and put them up to the test. They could also deplete your stamina and armor. The Objective is called Blackout Attack, in which requires from Agents to find their way outside of the Bazaar without dying. The objective for the two teams is the same and that is to evade the Bazaar from two different locations.

Find out about valuable asset

This will put players to a new test in which they need to find a valuable JTF asset as they approach the Airport The previously encountered NPC will trust the agent to open up the secret bunker to the airport. This asset will be hidden behind another Puzzle, in which unlike the previous, will contain a lot of tough firefights. The agents will be swarmed of enemies as they progress throughout the Puzzle ending.

Secure the valuable JTF asset to safety

After solving the puzzle and acquiring the JTF asset players will have to evade the airport through the Parking Lot. That is the excavation point for all of the agent, and it is located on the top of the parking lot building. This encounter will contain a lot of enemies but also helicopters and other articllery machines. The encounter fails if the asset dies.

Stop the Convoy from leaving the Runway

The runway will probably be the hardest part of the Operation Dark Hours raid. It is the last piece of the raid and it is a pure firefight action encounter. Players will need to stop the convoy which is a cargo plane setup to get away after the boss manage to board the crates onto it. This encounter will be very long, containing a lot of blood spill. The Boss will be one of the most annoying parts of the whole game as it will be the “tankiest” NPC ever met in The Division 2.

This encounter has another AI in the name of lieutenant, acting as the second hand. He possesses a squad wiping ability which means pretty much a restart of the whole act. Focusing him will allow the Boss the flee away while focusing the Boss will allow the lieutenant to cast his ability and wipe the entire team of 8. This means it will require a lot of coordination between the two teams and their takedown. In the end, players will be divided into two teams to flank the boss, which is a necessary mechanic added to the act.

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