The Last Of Us: Part 2 entry appeared as Coming Soon on the Play Station US, UK, Germany & Italy Store and then got removed

This material holds info about coming video games to the Play Station console. According to a Reddit user, a set of video games have appeared on the Play Station Store, listed as coming soon. Having the attribute coming soon, video games that are both scheduled within this time of span have appeared, but there have also been shockers. The most notoriously recognized is The Last Of Us Part 2.

The leaked entries have already been removed, which may have happened during a blank mistake done by Play Station. Now that they’re removed, we cannot assume some of the certainties as they do not hold enough water. Moreover… we can all agree that the statement may be withdrawn from the truth itself, and it may be considered as a big Rumor.

However, the Redditor going under the name u/fetemucke have managed to snatch a photo of the pre-existing Play Station Store listing, in which The Last of Us Part 2 is hardly noticed. It may have brought an insane hype to the community, but it may also include a good chunk of a disappointment since its removal.

You can find the official Reddit Thread embed below:

The Last of Us Part II is now listed in the ‘Coming Soon’ section on PlayStation US, UK, Germany & Italy among other confirmed 2019 titles [IMAGE] from PS4

Apparently, Sony’s evasion of E3 may lead to even more secrets being unexposed. Unless Sony decides to continue giving baldly info within this form. This kinds of announcements may be very beneficial, but also hurtful as they may hit a community obstacle.

The announcement first appeared in the US, UK, Germany and Italy zone, pinpointing a possible future release. Naughty Dog still hasn’t responded anything to this, as it may truthfully be just a misunderstanding slip and nothing else.

The Last of Us: Part 2 Release Date

No one is certain of its release date and when it will officially become live. If we consider this as a marketing move done by Naughty Dog, we may see something of a similar caliber very soon. For now, The Last Of Us: Part 2 has just been listed as coming soon, for which it turned out to be removed due to a mistake.

No other evidence remains active, but many people believe that we’re getting closer to a release during 2019. Even if multiple other rumors surfaced regarding the same game title and its potential release during 2019, the only thing that boggles us down is the silent Naught Dog. They haven’t stated anything in connection with the franchise.

Now let us ask you, what are your thoughts on The Last of Us: Part 2? Will it be coming soon? Do not be shy to Involve yourselves in the comments below!

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