The reason why Pros are swapping to Native Res in Fortnite is simple

Now that we’re heading closer to the Fortnite World Cup, Epic Games would love to retain viewability and enable a great watching experience to all the fans across the world. We assume that is one of the reasons why Professionals started swapping to Native Resolution, leaving their overpowered stretched res behind.

It is somewhat more than valuable for Epic Games to have the Fortnite World Cup Tier fair for every single participant, and we definitely understand that. No one knows the reason why this still hasn’t gone public.

The warning has been given, and it is most likely pushing every single pro player to swap to native just to get its grasp on it. Swapping sooner than later is the way to go. Recently, @Lucas7yoshi, a famous Fortnite Data Miner has tried to grab more info about why everyone’s swapping to Native resolution.

In a recent tweet, he stated the following:

With that being said, the reason for this is still being kept within closed doors, as insiders do not want to release this publicly. Also, it is one of the reasons why professionals and Twitch Streamers swapped to Native resolution.


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