Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 3 to be set in London

Playing the previous two series of the franchise surely leave a clue on its coming sequel. Something similar to what happened to Watch Dogs 2, leaving clues of Brixton, London. After a couple of rumors and alleged leaks, it appears that Watch Dogs 3 may continue its hacking series in London. It is more than obvious and expected, despite the fact that Ubisoft did not state anything regarding the matter.

No environment has been noticed so far, but Kotaku has seemingly claimed that Watch Dogs 3 will be set in UK, London. The Latest patch in Watch Dogs 3 has included a tiny bit of evidence pinpointing London. Therefore, since Kotaku allegedly claimed the next installment will be set in London, more media are common to come on board with the same thought.

The same reasoning was processed on Resetera, the world’s largest gaming forum, claiming that the newest Watch Dogs 3 patch has brought news about its coming series. Being set in the rainy London. The upcoming sequel is ready to improve the gunplay and make it similar to what the original Watch Dogs used to offer.

CCTV cameras may play a big role in London, knowing the fact that we’re talking about Watch Dogs 3. Its fashion should be way more modern and up to date with current technology.

Another Capital City to be turned into bytes. A new cyber war to be born between factions. Another content for the fans to enjoy playing.

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