World War Z gets official Launch Trailer showcasing co-op gameplay at its best

Who wants apocalyptic video games? Or would it be better to ask, who doesn’t? As we’re getting closer to the official release date of World War Z, we receive content to remain entertained and preserve the hype. World War Z is based on the movie created in 2013, in which Brad Pitt took part as the main role.

Lucky for us, the new World War Z trailer includes a bit of multiplayer gameplay, in which friends can enjoy the story, but also extinguish waves of infected enemies, also known as zombies. As the launch trailer arrived, it is clearly visible that the game will benefit from co-op gameplay.

Being a co-op third-person shooter, Saber and Focus Home Interactive has been doing quite a good job in retaining fun. If you remember closely, the original movie included a lot of smart zombies. Leading from there, the artificial intelligence of the zombies in World War Z is expected to be similar to those seen in the movie.

Therefore, if you’re being swarmed, you shouldn’t be surprised. As we stated before, after the first three-story locations, the developers have decided to add one more. That is Tokyo, which will come at a later stage.

World War Z’s launch trailer can be watched below:

Saber and Focus Home Interactive have done an exceptional job developing content for multiple players at the same time, as it definitely itches teamwork before anything.

World War Z will become available to buy on April 16. It will be available on PC (Epic Games Store), Xbox One and PS4.

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