WoW Crucible of Storms Mythic World First Race is ON

As always, with the reset and release in EU, all of the EU raiders received a chance to tackle on the newest Raid in World of Warcraft, Crucible of Storms. Crucible of Storms is a Two-Boss raid and its Mythic difficulty kicked in Yesterday starting in the NA region. Now, the Mythic Raid is live in the EU region as well, giving Method, the world’s most successful Guild a chance to undertake and continue its World First winner fashion.

Yesterday, we’ve been watching Limit, the most successful US guild, live-streaming the anticipation for the first time in a while. BFA is bringing lots of surprises as professional guilds tend to stream without being worried about uncovering their secrets.

If you want to watch the Crucible of Storms World First Race, you can pin yourself on some of the already established Twitch Channels in property of Method’s members. They tend to spice the fun by streaming individually, so viewers could swap between each class’ perspective.

You can find the live action below (Sco, Guild Master of Method Stream):

Watch live video from Sco on

We do believe that Method has all it takes to maintain the World First Title, as they have the wisdom, strength, and intelligence to do so.

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