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Activision won’t put a booth at E3 2019

A couple of weeks away from this year’s E3, the biggest entertainment expo supposed to discover new video games. Sadly, one of the biggest Triple-A developers and Publishers has hit a roadblock. Apparently, Activision has no reserved place at E3 2019, as they have also confirmed they will avoid putting a booth.

Well, we believe it won’t e a huge disappointment since Activision hasn’t really come out with an exceptional project in the works. Nevertheless, the publisher has claimed that it will participate E3, but most likely for private meetings, similar to what it did in 2016.

Activision’s E3 absence can be confirmed by reviewing all of the participants and events for this year’s E3. You can check that by yourself on the E3 official website. The scenario of Activision revealing big titles is very unlikely.

Knowing that Sony has also opted out of E3 and it is not attending at all, Activision may team up for Sony’s upcoming personal convention. Activision won’t be joining E3 also due to lack of video games assigned for 2019, as we mentioned before.

Source: gamesindustry.biz



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