Anthem to include new area and 8 week event named The Cataclysm

It seems like it’s been years since the last developer stream made by BioWare for Anthem. Thanks to today’s event, we’re certain that changes are coming to Anthem, and for the greater good. New sort of event is coming to Anthem which is bound to hold some mysterious secrets. Named The Cataclysm, this game mode will differ from the current ones as it will offer a dynamic and responsive point system. What players earn is what they get.

Cataclysm will be a new part on the map that will include different arenas in which players will have the chance to take down. Given the fact is an 8-day event, all of the arenas will release procedurally as the time goes by. It will begin with a couple of them, and each of them will require a different approach.

Not only loot will be improved, but also a new currency will become available, that can be spent at a special vendor. The event will probably be limited, but we’re certain the map will remain the same and maybe is going to welcome another event after this completes.

One of the most exciting parts is the leaderboards and the addition of the new Boss. The leaderboards will allow the players to compete and realize their effectiveness, while the boss will serve as point multiplier by 2. Once defeated, everyone’s points acquired during the session will be doubled.

The luck stat will be removed, new weapons will be added, balancing performed, which makes Anthem a favorite

More details above the Cataclysm can be found in the bulleted list below.

Anthem Cataclysm Event Details

  • 8 Week Event
  • First 2 Weeks: Pre-events
  • 3 new missions
  • New area: The Cataclysm
  • New Systems: Scoring, inversions & leaderboards
  • New Power and new rewards

Weapons, Loot and more

  • New Weapons
  • New masterwork gear
  • Melee equippable slot
  • Masterwork and Legendary Support Gear
  • All NEW items will have a higher power level than existing items. Currently, the masterwork and legendary versions are 5 item levels higher.

To get to know better what Cataclysm truly is about, make sure you watch the dev blog in the video below:

Watch Anthem Developer Livestream – The Cataclysm | 3pm CT from anthemgame on

Having all of that said, the upcoming The Cataclysm event definitely sounds like fun and comprehensive change for the community, given the fact they haven’t received any bigger content except minor tweaks that helped the game move forward. Such as, loot and difficulty balancing, which was one of the most strained parts in early release.

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