Arma 3 Finally Announces the New “Contact” Expansion

The king of milsim shooters has finally revealed the problem that caused the delay for the announcement of the new Arma 3 expansion. Bohemia hasn’t been able to contact Steam, as no further progress has been taken into the procedure. Therefore, Bohemia Interactive will only announce the expansion, but without official publication on the Steam Store.

This means players won’t be able to purchase the new Arma 3 Expansion today. Arma 3 is released for 6 years and it has quite the content within, and apparently, Bohemia Interactive is still focusing on DLCs and Content Updates rather than deviation to Arma 4. It is definitely the game with the most content in it, including a variety of mods to enjoy playing.

Finally, the new Arma 3 expansion has been announced. Named Contact, Human Beings will witness something they’ve never seen before. Extraterrestrial intelligence is about to have an impact on humanity, and you as a player will get to investigate the happenings. It is somewhat strange to see Arma 3 in this light, but as a Spin-Off expansion, it has to go. The new expansion will include  the following features:

Singleplayer campaign – “First Contact” (military science fiction)

  • 163 km2 Livonia terrain
  • 2 Factions – Livonian Defense Force and Russian Spetsnaz
  • 5 Weapons – Promet Assault Rifle, RPK-12 Light Machine Gun, AKU-12 Carbine, Mk14 Classic Hunting Rifle, Kozlice Shotgun
  • 2 Vehicles – ED-1 Mini UGV (multiple variants) and Tractor
  • Gear – CBRN clothing, masks and backpacks, Spectrum Device, radio backpack, blindfold, and tin foil hat
  • Multiplayer Scenarios – Livonia Zeus Game Master, Combat Patrol, and Warlords
  • Free Bonus Content – NATO woodland camouflage, civilian clothing, 100+ decorative props and terrain objects, and more

Without further ado, you can take a look at the official Arma 3 Contact Expansion below:

The expansion will cost approximately $25 and will be added on Steam a bit later.

This is most likely the end line for Bohemia Interactive and Arma 3. Fans are baffled from the DLCs sensation the game had. Arma 3 has been receiving DLCs hidden behind paywalls for whole 6 years. Without any other chance for monetization, Arma 3 had to bank on DLCs as they came as viable and necessary for the game’s progress.

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