Death Stranding First Reveal Coming on May 29

Even though Sony is not participating this year’s E3 2019, Death Stranding, as a PS4 exclusive, has decided to release a trailer just before of it. More precisely, May 29 may be the day when Death Stranding will showcase an update on its project. Hideo Kojima has teased yet another trailer, with a duration less than a minute.

Previously, Hideo Kojima has also teased a trailer. More precisely, on May 13, showcasing a picture that states “A Hideo Kojima Game”, a reference seen in all of his trailers. Everyone was assuming the tease was about an upcoming trailer offering a deeper look of Death Stranding to the public.

The new tease holds the words “Create The Rope”, being permanently included over the duration of the teaser. Death Stranding is still scheduled to launch on the PS4, and speculations wear that it will be available throughout backward compatibility when the next-gen console launches.

Nevertheless, we still believe that the PS5 may become Death Stranding’s designated console, as it will be more powerful to bear with its requirements, and offer a more unique gameplay experience. Knowing Hideo, this won’t be a bummer, as it may truly develop on the PS5.

Well, it might have just become a lot clearer, as Hideo Kojima has once again teased the following:

The video teaser was followed by a message stating that the official countdown for Death Stranding has begun with a first reveal on May 29. Is the event going to discover a designated release date? We’ll have to wait and see. For now, we’ll have to bear a bit longer with the mysteries hidden behind Death Stranding.


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