Death Stranding is coming out on November 8, Reveal Trailer

After a couple of Death Stranding release date leaks, we now officially have a confirmation from Kojima Productions and Sony. Coming as a PS4 Exclusive, Death Stranding will become available on November 8, 2019. But, what’s more, interesting is that after this big reveal, no one’s pretty certain what this game is all about.

According to the trailer, it is most likely the strength of humanity and its perseverance. It is about people willingly pushing throughout the struggle of life to bring retain whatever’s left to humanity? Most likely, as the trailer was not pinpointing the features of the game, despite some raw abilities that Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) is capable of.

A journey to reconnect a fractured society

To be claimed as a game set in the near future with lots of mysterious explosions that have struck the planet, including supernatural events. But, even that doesn’t describe the game’s genre as appropriate to whatever’s been noted in the past. Anyhow, for a scientific-futuristic game title it definitely doesn’t look strange.

Nevertheless, no matter the concept, as pre-announced action game should hopefully deliver as the fans are eager to try the masterpiece. As the background in the trailer showcases the size of Death Stranding, we assume it is going to be a huge open world.

Notes to remember, this is Kojima’s first ever video game after he left Konami, and it is bound to bring huge surprises. On contrary to that, PC players won’t be able to delve into the fun and experience what Death Stranding is all about. Xbox One consumers as well, they will miss the joy as Death Stranding will be exclusively available on PS4.

Death Stranding is scheduled to release on November 8, 2019 exclusively on the PS4.

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