Death Stranding Livestream: Handprints started appearing more frequently

Death Stranding may finally reveal a good portion of its gameplay. Features, mechanics, and probably abilities as we’re able to scoop from the trailer are probably going to be showcased. The first showcase will be available on Twitch, more precisely on PlayStation’s official channel.

It appears that with each trailer loop the handprints are changing or more are being added. This manner will probably continue up to a point where the whole picture is cleared, so the official reveal may kickoff. Overall, it appears that Death Stranding has already inspired a lot of people that are currently tuned into the stream.

The picture clearance is probably based on a formula. More people = bigger image clearance, but also with every loop it seems like the handprints are appearing intensively.

Now that the Live Stream is almost before open fidelity and discovery of Death Stranding for the first time, you may delve into it and take a look by yourself. The link of the stream can be found below:

Watch live video from PlayStation on

Another fact why the Stream is about to begin is because it was marked for a mature audience, as the option was added on it very briefly. This means that we’re heading closer to Death Stranding’s first look.

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