EA confirms Apex Legends arrival to Mobile

Playing Battle Royales on the go can be quite an exciting thing to do. Getting on the same path as Fortnite and PUBG, Apex Legends has decided to dwell into the Mobile world by releasing the newest Battle Royale on the platform. EA has already confirmed its arrival, as it will be expanding in multiple regions since the getgo.

This has been confirmed by EA, to widen the fun to another category of gamers. The ones who love to experience a set of fun while on the move. As noted to TechRadar, EA’s CFO stated “We’re in advanced negotiations to China and mobile”, including South Korea as regional expansion.

This release will most likely conclude for both iOS and Android platform just so it can attract a broader audience. Currently, Apex Legends is suffering from player base loss and it will be a wise move to expand its product attracting a bigger society.

Having another Battle Royale game on the small screens may cause big turbulence among the already established ones. Nevertheless, Fortnite remained as the firmest Battle Royale game so far, retaining a good set of players and viewers on a daily basis.

There are no specific details on the release, except the fact that its nature pushes Electronic Arts to spread its Battle Royale genre to a bigger gaming audience. EA is also the first publisher with more than one Battle Royale game, Battlefield V’s Firestorm, and Apex Legends, for which at its launch managed to shake the integrity of its elders, Fortnite and PUBG.

As we’re talking through, Mobile Gaming is becoming more and more popular as we’re advancing through time. Having another Battle Royale explosion on the Mobile platform shouldn’t cause any worries. Since its launch in February, Apex Legends settled very well in the most popular BR genre, but its lack of fun and content brought the game to this extent.

Currently, Apex Legends is in its first Battle Pass and also Season. During its release, Respawn Entertainment did not fit any extra challenges in it, except the same old XP grind. That naturally puts the game at a boring state, with no inquiry of extra input by the user.

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