Escape From Tarkov DevBlog #4 showcases exciting new content

New weapons, map models, and a whole new map. The developers have started teasing new assets during their 3rd Dev Blog, and they just continued with the same in their 4th DevBlog, which is held in Russian commentary. Battlestate Games is working really hard on their milsim alike shooter, Escape From Tarkov, which is one of the most realistic video games nowadays.

Escape From Tarkov can be very punishing when it comes to its core gameplay. Players could lose everything during their Raid permanently, which may further grow into frustration. But, that is what pumps the adrenaline, what higher the blood pressure; excites the human being, and as such, the game definitely deserves one of the top spots among the similar shooters nowadays.

Below you can find a whole set of assets posted within a couple of continuous tweets below:

As you can see, Streets of Tarkov is definitely going to be yet another game changes. It will be both different and similar to Labs, as it will contain a certain set of AI, which is going to be different than the default ones. Very similar to Labs which counts Raiders. What’s different is that its entrance will be free and won’t require any extra key or mission to join the new map.

Streets of Tarkov will also include a new set of weapons, including static Mortars distributed across the map. Their usage will be somewhat devastating because of their open placement, exposing anyone who tries to use them.

DevBlog 4 is still ongoing and you can watch it on Twitch.

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