Even if scheduled for today, the discovery of Arma 3’s new expansion is missing

Arma 3 still hasn’t discovered anything new about the upcoming expansion. The deadline for the expansion discovery was today, but there’s nothing new in that matter. The Steam page has no info, while the official Arma 3 YouTube and Twitter remained absent. No one knows if the expansion will be departed, or it is a word about something bigger that strained the developers from unveiling the upcoming expansion.

After the main teaser was published, there were 2 more teasers released daily, implying on today’s release. However, there are still no words about the new Arma 3 expansion. Bohemia Interactive hasn’t stated anything on this, and despite the marketing effort, Arma 3’s new expansion may face a delay. The working hours in the EU are over, and knowing Bohemia Interactive is located in the Czech Republic, this official release date may face extension.

Last seen update on Arma 3’s official Twitter, which is the second teaser for the expansion can be found below:

Hopefully, the reason for this delay will be announced, as fans have started poking the developers on their official Twitter profile. No one received a response. Maybe it will be released a tiny bit later, knowing that Steam as a Digital Reseller needs to settle parts on their side.

Update 1. Bohemia Interactive has just discovered that the new expansion will be announced, and the problem for the delay was Steam. The developers haven’t been able to contact Steam Games and therefore unable to publish the expansion on the Steam Store.

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