Fallout 76 may officially join the Battle Royale Genre

Dataminers started publishing new findings hidden within the code of Fallout 76. It appears like the developers of Bethesda have had something to develop, for which it turned to be discovered a tiny bit sooner than expected. One Redditor has managed to discover new audio files connected to Nuclear Winter, an upcoming game mode. Not any kind of game mode, but instead, a Battle Royale one.

It is a word about Battle Royale, he said on Reddit. By extracting the sound files from the game and converting them into a format eligible to listen to, he claims that the sounds are connected with an upcoming Battle Royale game mode in Fallout 76.

He also published all of the sound files to the public, so that anyone can give an opinion based on the matter. According to Redditor, this is what “Nuclear Winter” will be.

Nuclear Winter is going to be a battle-royale style gamemode hosted inside of Vault 51, with the ZAX of the Vault narrating. The ‘explanation’ for this is that it is meant to carry out tests on human ability, etc.

The question, however, is a lot more different than adding a Battle Royale game mode. Yet another one? Yes, we have plenty of BR games from which some of them failed brutally. It was devastating to watch from the side, and I can only imagine what it means for the developers.

Before jumping into fasten conclusions such as this one, Bethesda should realize that the BR genre is somewhat dying. Everyone is simply bored from fighting against other X numbers of competitors in a narrating zone, with an only winning chance to be the last man standing.

Nevertheless, the files can be found on SoundCloud, published by /u/Gearsthecool.

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