Fortnite announces the first teaser for Season 9

Epic Games has just announced the first teaser for Fortnite’s Season 9. Just as in the previous season, Season 9 will consist of more teasers that in the end may connect to each other in a weird way. For now, the image looks like it holds a new skin, that firstly reminds of a mech. Is this maybe a new era of Robots?

It is definitely unknown but everyone’s looking forward to the next teasers. One thing remains sure, the Gemini skin that was leaked throughout Season 8 will most likely be a part of Season 9. It shares the same. Gemini Skin below:

The teaser reads:

The Future is Unknown. 5.9.2019.

You can find the tweet below:

This will be a new Season to bring new excitements in Fortnite but also cause chaos on the professional scene. Epic Games is very capable to develop a narrative-driven content so people could stay focused on the recent events.

The ending of Season 8 implemented a destructive manner on Retail, Tilted, and Polar Peak, which may serve as a follow-up content throughout Season 9. Those activities pushed the players to spread their landing spots around the map, which is quite unique for balancing purposes.

To kick off with a theory, the background of the image holds the LETTER N. It may be the starting letter to connect the future teases to, just as in teasers released throughout the previous season. Knowing that there will be only three teasers, what could be starting with the letter N?

What are your thoughts on this one? Tell us in the comments below!

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