Fortnite Fortbyte #50 Accessible at night time Inside Mountain Top Castle Ruins

Fortbyte #50 has just arrived in Fortnite, and it is available to collect and reveal a bit of more info from the image hidden behind the puzzle. We all know where the mountain top Castle Ruins is. You’re not familiar with that place? Worry not! We’re here to help to guide you through and locate the exact location of Fortbyte #50.

All of these Fortbyte Challenges have been just on point, adding a tiny bit of content to the original one by the Season 9 Battle Pass. What differs in this Fortbyte is that it requires you to visit the place during Night Time. Landing there and waiting for the spawn is also an eligible tactic, but no one can ensure your safety.

As you could imagine, the requirement states it is “Inside” Mountain Top Castle Ruins. That means the Fortbyte is located within the castle, requiring you to enter deeper.

Where is the Fortbyte #50 exactly located?

We will discover the exact location of the Fortbyte, but first, let’s see where exactly is located on the map below, as there are always new players who do not know the exact location of the Ruined Castle.

Now, after that highlight, let’s see where exactly in the castle the Fortbyte #50 is located. As you downstairs, you will see the throne with a deer head above it. Just on the opposite side of it, there are two doors. After you enter the right one and turn left, the Fortbyte #50 should be in front of you.

For more explicit information, take a look at the image below:

In the image above, you can see all of the players standing next to each other waiting the night time to come so they could collect the Fortbyte. That’s exactly where the chip is located. Hopefully, this will give you a firm input on the Fortbyte #50 location.

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