Fortnite Season 9 Week 4 Secret Banner replaced by Fortbyte #97 – Exact Location

A reason why the loading screen for Week 4 did not include any Banner in it. Apparently, it has been replaced with a Fortbyte, and that is Fortbyte #97. That’s why it was missing on the loading screen in the first place. However, the loading screen has for Week 4 has Paradise Palms in the background. That means the Fortbyte which is being replaced with the secret banner can be found in Paradise Palms.

More precisely, the location of the Secret Banner, Fortbyte #97 can be found on the map in the image below:

We know that the map isn’t that explanatory, so do not worry because we’re going to zoom in Paradise Palms and discover the exact location of the Fortbyte #97. It definitely goes through the main road that goes through Paradise Palms. It is just on the sidewalk, hidden behind ATM.

More precisely, on the east side of the road, there’s a cyber cafe named Keyboard King. Right next to it there’s an ATM. Once you break it you will be able to collect Fortbyte #97 which is a change to the occasional secret banner.

With that being said, we can conclude this guide. Hopefully it will help you cut the struggles and find the hidden Fortbyte #97.

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