Fortnite Vaults Baloons, Pump Shot Gun, Changes the map completely

But do not despair, because they are bringing back the grenades but also a new Combat Shotgun. It appears that Season 9 is here to bring a lot of surprises, and huge changes to the current game. Now that the download has already started, we’re probably minutes away before trying away the live version of the game.

Nevertheless, the Pump, the most used CQB weapon is now gone, and will most likely be replaced by the Combat Shotgun which is added in Season 9. The Tactical Shotgun will most likely be the best shotgun in the game now, despite the addition of the new one.

Air vents, Windstream, literally everything is new, and it is scheduled to retain the belief in the Fortnite developers. It appears that we thoroughly made it to the future.

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Amie Gammons

A huge fan of puzzlers. Would love to experience the world and takedown on every single and upcoming game title. In the free time love to sing, follow recent game rumors and try to decrypt them in the best possible way.

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