Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Week 7 Finals NA East Top 10 Standings

It is time for the most exciting time of the week. That is the Fortnite World Cup Qualifier Finals, which punches a ticket to everyone who manages to inject himself within the required threshold. Now that the EU qualifier for Week 7 is finished, it is time for the NA East Week 7 Qualifier, which is allegedly the most impressive to watch, knowing the fact multiple streamers are found within the shuffle.

Tfue, Faze Dubs, and many other players have managed to secure a placement at this World Cup. More are scheduled to come, as today’s qualifier final will surely be the decider of new faces joining the already compiled setup of players.

Streamers will most likely showcase their gameplay LIVE on Stream, as most of the popular streamers are coming from within the NA East Region. We’re looking forward to seeing them in action, and as always, we will be covering the top 10 of the scoreboard while also updating the list at any given alteration.

This week the competition is available for Solo players, as they’ll be joining some of the best players in the world, Tfue, FaZe Dubs, and others. Below you can find the official TOP 10 standings for today’s Fortnite Week 7 NA East World Cup Qualifier Finals in Solo gameplay.

  • √ – Players Qualified in Week 7.
Position Player Name Points Prize
1 clarityG 71 $5000
2 Reverse2k 69 $4000
3 FaZe Dubs. 66 $3000
4 CODE-ASTONISH 62 $2500
5 Tfue 60 $2250
6 Thiccboy Luneze 58 $2000
7 58 $1750
8 NIX Fatch 58 $1500
9 Nate Hill 58 $1250
10 TSM_Cloud. 57 $1000

The table above varies according to Epic Games’ official scoreboard.

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