Fortnite x Jumpman “Grind”, “Clutch” and “Downtown Drop” Challenges Leaked

The upcoming skins teased by Epic Games, Grind and Clutch will have challenges assigned to them. That won’t leave the new LTM Downtown Drop unnoticed, as it will hold challenges itself. Now that 9.10 has been fully downloaded, data miners have leaked all of their challenges.

To be clear, the Grind skin is the male version of the new wave of skins introduced with Fortnite x Jumpman. Clutch on the other side, is the female version of the new skin.

Lucas7Yoshi has leaked the challenges on his Twitter profile. Honestly, some of them look hard, as people are pretty much uncertain on their requirement. As players progress throughout the skin related challenges, they will unlock additional styles for them.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at all of the challenges below.


  • Complete any 3 Challenges to Unlock The Reward. – Red Style
  • Play any 3 creative games for three times – Pink Style
  • Change the color of 100 tiles in creative mode – Yellow Style
  • Collect 50 basketballs in creative mode – No Reward.


  • Complete any 3 Challenges to Unlock The Reward. – Red Style
  • Collect 100 or more coins in 3 creative games – Yellow Style
  • Collect 50 shoes in creative mode – No Reward
  • Play any 3 creative games – Pink Style.

As you know, there will also be Downtown Drop challenges, that will offer skateboards and different styles for them. As you progress through, you will be able to open the styles, but the first challenge will pretty much reward you with a basic skateboard. You can find the challenges below:

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