Fortnite’s retrieving the Floor is Lava LTM

In a recent news section update, Fortnite has just confirmed that it’s retrieving the Floor is Lava LTM, alongside some new skins. Rags to Riches outfits are the new Fortnite outfits available in the Fortnite Item Shop.

Fortnite is before its entrance in Season 9, whereas through a series of teasers, the developers uncover the potential theme hiding behind it. With the latest “The Future is Bright 5.9.2019” tease, which is the second Season 9 teaser in total, they uncovered the second letter, “E”. Connected together forms “NE”, but still with no solid evidence of what the letters imply on.

The News Update can be found below:

Fortnite is slowly but surely forging its Season 9 novelty, in which the future will most likely take place. Based on the skins provided in the imagery of the first and second teaser, the game may receive some robotic skins, for which no one knows a word that could ruin its secrecy.

Nevertheless, we’re bound to witness the returning of the Floor is Lava LTM just before Season 9, alongside with the Rags to Riches Fortnite skin that comes in both female and male version (Aura and Guild.

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