Hideo Kojima Teases New Death Stranding Trailer

Even though Death Stranding may become a title entitled for the PS5, Hideo Kojima is known for his teases of anything new related to his game. Everyone gives the props to Hideo for his accomplishment. No one actually knows what Death Stranding is all about except the inside people, and its secret is kept as high value.

Knowing Hideo and his work, and how he likes everything to be noted and deliberately pushed on the internet, he has just teased another trailer that’s most likely in the works. The tease can be seen on his official Twitter account. See the tweet below:

The tweet above is probably aiming at a new Death Stranding trailer, considering the fact that all of Hideo Kojima’s trailers have the same line “A Hideo Kojima Game”. At the bottom left of the image, we can see Kratos and Atreus, which may also indicate something new. Maybe a new hint that indicates a clash with God of War somehow?

Nevertheless, we won’t be guessing what kind of trailer is a word about. Death Stranding is still without a designated release date, without knowing if it’s going to align with the PS5. As previously stated, it is confirmed to release during the PS4 life span, but also confirmed to be available on the PS5.

Whether is that going to be through its backward compatibility or the game will release after the next-gen Sony’s PS console launches, we’ll have to wait and see. Now that Sony opted out of E3, and is most likely to host its own convention, we’re going to miss all the chances of receiving an exact release date of Death Stranding.

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