Now that DayZ is available on the PS4, what’s Bohemia’s Next Move?

As a survival video game, it’s definitely worth trying, especially that it offers probably the best map and wholesome environment set for a title of this genre. Once in Chernarus, be careful, because it may drag you down to the bottom and get you stuck for quite a while. Now that we know Bohemia Interactive announced the availability of DayZ on the PS4, resizing and constructing the community of DayZ, what is coming next?

To be honest, the addition of DayZ on the PS4 is of great value both for the developers and community in general. But, knowing that Bohemia Interactive has other titles to take care of which can also lead them to a lot bigger revenue, their goal should change in a very fast manner.

What About Arma 4? How long the developers of Bohemia Interactive are going to delay the development of Arma 4? Why is that so and what exactly is going on? First of all, the development cycle of a military simulation such as Arma 3 requires a lot of dedication and work, yes, we are aware of that, but it also shouldn’t stall things this long.

Especially because of its current engine, which yes, it may support a high number of players to enjoy a KOTH game, but its performance declines the “flick of a wrist aim”. Its lousiness could turn into huge player frustration most of the times, whereas a dedicated gamer, cannot react due to the fact of the miserable FPS.

We do get it that DayZ is still developing as it receives content as it progresses through. But, no words have been shared about Arma 4, except the fact that it is planned for Bohemia Interactive to someday in the future start working on that project.

But, so far, Bohemia Interactive seems to have commercialized itself. It only looks for a fast benefit, and throughout these 6 years of Arma 3 cycle, we just received DLCs that do not incentivize any gameplay, but they’re considered to bring the new content. But, How many DLC is that again? I lost count. And you’re still finding King of the Hill and Life RPG the most fun game modes, despite the fact, there are many others too?

Maybe the reboot of DayZ on the new engine implies to something better, something baffling, surprisingly exciting and above all, optimized. Yes, DayZ’s current performance stance is on a quite high level, and by a variety of rendering features, the developers managed to establish great FPS within their survival title.

This could be the same engine on which Arma 4 is going to be developed, and all the assets found within DayZ could be used through the development course. Is this why Bohemia Interactive is mainly focusing on developing content for DayZ?

There’s something very suspicious going on, but one thing’s certain. Arma 4 can come out faster than you could ever imagine.

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