PC Version of Red Dead Redemption 2 leaked by Rockstar Games Employee

Oh boy, here we go again. How many times are we going to anticipate these “leaks”, also considered as a struggle for all the players that are expecting RDR 2 on PC? While everyone was hoping to see the title rocking the PC platform too, we’ve been left with nothing but a chance to experience the game on console only. But, have faith, because it may be coming to the PC platform very soon!

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Western-themed action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar Games. Personally, whenever I hear a video game which back is covered by Rockstar Games, I know it’s going to be a perfect hit. Every single title out of Rockstar Games has been of great caliber, and RDR 2 proved the same.

Recent news shows that ex-staff members of the Rockstar team that have been working on RDR 2 for PC have leaked info about Red Dead Redemption 2. More precisely, about a PC version of the game. Rumors can be well perceived, but also cause huge frustrations. As the rumors keep on surfacing, today’s video games demographic is just fully absorbed with leaks.

The info has been discovered first on Reddit, for which multiple media followed and published the same. The statement implying to leak has since been removed, but a screenshot to preserve the information has been taken.

It appears that we may be on the verge of getting Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PC platform. To witness the possibility by yourself, make sure you visit the official subreddit in which the thread appeared, for which speculation is most likely to be true.

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