Pieces Snatches WoW’s Crucible of Storms World First Title

After countless of wipes of all the top guilds running for the World First title in the latest WoW Crucible of Storms Raid, Pieces has managed to kill the boss and snatch the World First title from Method. This two-boss Raid has been quite a pain for every guild and a couple of days longer than the previous Two Raids in BFA.

Wowprogress has already confirmed the top guild that managed to kill the second boss, Uu’nat. Pieces has been growing in the past period quite a lot. From Raid to Raid, they have managed to improve their completion placement, for now, to take the World First kill.

In the previous two Raid Tiers, Method has surfaced at the top, clinching the World First title for both of them. Despite the fact that this Raid Tier is considered as a minor obstacle by everyone, the second and last boss confirmed quite the opposite.

All of the top guilds in WoW are still struggling and cannot put an end to Uu’nat, the boss which will be remembered probably like the hardest in BFA. As we said, it took longer than the previous two Raids, Uldir and Battle for Dazar’alor to witness a cessation, in which Method came out as the winner.

Now that Uu’nat is killed for the first time, it remains to be seen who will clinch the World Second. Method, the guild that wiped over 700 times on Uu’nat is the most definite guild to clinch the World Second, getting closer after each pull.

Update: Method is the second guild in the world that managed to take Uu’nat down.

Congratulations to Pieces on the World First.

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