Pokemon Go Glacial, Mossy, Magnetic Lures and New Pokemon in the Wild Now Live

Trainers, today is a great day for everyone, as we’re finally getting new Gen 4 evolutions Glaceon, Leafeon, Magnezone and Probopass. Also, players can now find new Gen 4 Pokemon in the wild.

So, first thing first, let’s see how to obtain the four new Pokemon, Glaceon, Leafeon, Magnezone and Probopass. A player can catch these Pokemon only when using the new Lures, Glacial, Mossy and Magnetic. These Lures are available only from the in-game shop at the moment, but they will be available when completing Special Research tasks later on.

When Trainers are within range of a PokéStop with an active lure of the appropriate type, and they can successfully spin its Photo Disc, Evolution of Magneton and Nosepass will be enabled, as well as certain Evolutions of Eevee.

  • Glaceon with Glacial Lure and 25 Candy – Flower Crown
  • Leafeon with Mossy Lure and 25 candy – can be Shiny with Flower Crown
  • Magnezone with Magnetic Lure and 100 candy
  • Probopass with Magnetic Lure and 50 candy

Now, the Pokemon Go community is reporting of seeing and catching new Gen 4 Pokemon in the wild. Here is the list:

  • Burmy – Female Burmy evolves to Wormadam when using 50 candy and Male Burmy evolves to Mothim when using 50 candy
  • Cherubi/Cherrim
  • Gible/Gabite – The final form of Gible, Garchomp, is also available and requires 100 candy
  • Hippopotas/Hippowdon
  • Shellos – Can evolve into Gastrodon when using 50 candy

Good luck and let’s catch ’em all!

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