Pokemon Go Update Highlights, Snorlax Photobomb, New Lures, New Evolution Mechanics and More

Trainers, the new Pokemon Go update brings a lot of cool changes into the game, and we would focus only on the most interesting things for this article.

It seems like a lot of cool stuff is coming into the game, so I suggest we take a look at the list of changes below.

Pokemon Go New Lures, Snorlax Photobomb, New Evolution Mechanics and More

New Lures

  • ITEM_TROY_DISK_Glacial
  • ITEM_TROY_DISK_Magnetic

There is not much info about the Lures, but reports are coming in that the Lure System will be different, including new menu, loading mechanics, etc. In addition, reports say that a player can have more than one active Lure at a time.

Sleeping Waking Up Photobombing Snorlax

  • SnorlaxEncounter
  • get_IAmASleepingSnorlax
  • PutSnorlaxToSleep
  • LetItSleep
  • PutToSleep
  • chanceToBeMad
  • chanceToHate

According to the text changes in the GM File, Snorlax will now photobomb you while sleeping. The Sleeping Snorlax will spawn on the map, and it’s up to you if you want to wake it up or let it sleep. Be careful, he might get mad or even hate you.

Adventure Sync v2

  • get_AdventureSyncV2
  • set_AdventureSyncV2
  • AdventureSyncDeviceService
  • awarenessDeviceService
  • fitnessDeviceService
  • AddNearPokestop
  • RemoveNearPokestop
  • GatherNearbyPokestops
  • NearbyPokestop

A new version of Adventure Sync will be added. More info to follow.

New Evolution Mechanics

  • newEvoProto
  • EvolutionV2
  • CanUseEeveeEasterEgg
  • useLureEvolutions
  • get_OnlyDaytime
  • get_OnlyNighttime
  • UseTyrogueTrick

New evolution mechanics are coming with this update. We are not quite sure about the meaning behind the text, but we promise to keep you updated as soon as we have something.

Koala Settings

  • get_KoalaSettings
  • get_UseSandbox

Now, this will be a game changer for Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sword and Shield players. It seems like Niantic is working behind the scenes to integrate Pokemon Go with the upcoming Nintendo Switch titles. Before Pokémon Let’s Go titles were released, a similar settings screen had been discovered under the codename “Beluga.”

That’s pretty much it. This is one of the biggest Pokemon Go updates of 2019, so buckle up and get ready for blast-off!

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