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Pokemon Go New Update New Lure Items, Evolution Conditions, Sleeping Snorlax and More

Trainers, Pokemon Go is getting updated and this update will make a lot of players happy.

The three new Lures, which are supposed to bring Leafon, Glaceon, Magnezone, and Probopass into the game, are found in the version as well as new quest and evolution conditions, a Sleeping Snorlax and new badges. Wait, a Sleeping Snorlax?!

The new Pokemon Go update is already out and we now have the list of patch notes. Check it out below.

Pokemon Go Update Notes

Lure Items

  • ITEM_TROY_DISK_Glacial
  • ITEM_TROY_DISK_Magnetic

New Quest Conditions

  • Win a PVP combat
  • Win an NPC combat
  • Go to some location
  • Walk {x} km

New Evolution Conditions

  • With lure item
  • Only day
  • Only night
  • Eevee: new check if the naming trick is already used
  • Tyrogue new trick/choice

New Badge


GO Fest Badges

  • Thursday Early Access North
  • Thursday Early Access South
  • Thursday General North
  • Thursday General South
  • Friday Early Access North
  • Friday Early Access South
  • Friday General North
  • Friday General South
  • Saturday General South
  • Saturday Early Access North
  • Saturday Early Access South
  • Saturday General North
  • Saturday General South
  • Sunday General South
  • Sunday Early Access North
  • Sunday Early Access South
  • Sunday General North
  • Sunday General South

Other Text Found

  • koala settings (this is related to a separate app and this may be the codename for Pokemon Sword and Shield. So we might see these two games connected at some point, just like Pokemon Go and Let’s Go with the codename Beluga)
  • lAmASleepingSnorlax (new encounter on map)

We’ll be revealing more info in the following days, so stay tuned!

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