Pokemon Rumble Rush Coming to Android and iOS

It was confirmed by The Pokemon Company International, that there will be a new entry in the Pokemon Rumble series together with all of the Pokemon Rumble Rush. It is already available on Android mobile devices in Australia. The iOS version and its worldwide release will come in the next weeks.

In Pokemon Rumble Rush, the players take the role of an adventurer who has a task to discover new islands and the Pokemon that are inhabitants of the areas that are being discovered. As the players go on, they must overcome many enemy Pokemon that will try to stop the journey. When tapping the screen, the player’s partner Pokemon will take over and attack each enemy that it encounters. During these encounters, there is a big chance that the Pokemon will befriend a player and in turn, use those Pokemon to help him in future battles. Each island has its own Super Boss fights, and if won, players will have the chance to get items that can power up their Pokemon.

By playing this game, the players can get the chance to meet many different species of Pokemon. The more the players explore, the more Pokemon they will discover. They can also discover Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. When an area is explored on its own, there is a hint function that can display the Pokemon that are living in that area. Something that is interesting is that when opening the map, occasionally the players can see hot air balloons passing by. If you tap on the hot air balloon, it will let you try a stage that other adventurers have already discovered.

We have already tried this new game, and to be fair, it is decent. It has got a painfully long loot box system that probably needs tweaking. This current implementation does not allow you the freedom you want though.

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