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Pokemon Rumble Rush Mobile Game Gears Special Items

In Pokemon Rumble Rush mobile game there are special items called Gears. There are different types of Gears increasing different stats of the Pokemon.

Gears can be equipped on a specific Pokemon to make it stronger, to increase it HP, to increase its level, etc. but first you need to find a piece of Ore. This Ore can be located anywhere, once per stage, only when you finish a level in the game. The Ore contains Gear and Pokedollars. Then, you’ll have to refine it and you’ll eventually get your Gear.

How to refine?

  • Find Ore
  • Click on the Ore button on the main screen
  • Refine it

This Gear can be equipped on the desired Pokemon to increase its stats.

How to equip Gears?

  • Select the Pokemon and Gears menu
  • Tap on Pokemon
  • Now you’ll see a list of Pokemon you own
  • Select the one you want to power up
  • You will see two different options Gear and Summon Gear
  • Tap on the type of Gear you want to equip
  • Tap on Equip and you’re all set

These special items can also be upgraded, but you’ll need Pokedollars and/or duplicate Gears.

How to upgrade Gears?

  • Select the Pokemon and Gears menu
  • Select Gear
  • Tap on the Gear you want to upgrade
  • Tap on the green Upgrade button

Gears are crucial in Pokemon Rumble Rush, so try to get as many as you can, as it will increase the CP of a specific Pokemon, base HP, Speed and other stats.

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