RAGE 2 Cracked: Denuvo Anti-Tamper tech missing on the official Bethesda Launcher

Even though RAGE 2 is mostly purchased through Steam, where the Denuvo Anti Tamper technology is currently active, Bethesda forgot to secure its game on its official launcher. That was probably prosecuted with a code breaker, which allowed coders to crack the code and release an unofficial version of the game.

The Bethesda Store Version is free of Denuvo and will remain such until a realization moment kicks in. So far nothing has been changed, and the Bethesda Store is still keeping hold to the unprotected game branch.

Our friends at DSOGaming stated that RAGE 2 is missing a Denuvo Anti-Tamper tech on the official Bethesda Store, as it is being downloaded without one. That means the game’s files are being pretty much exposed without any kind of encryption.

As it appears, it is not the first time witnessing a flaw of this caliber. Other video games have faced the same too. Bethesda is most likely going to take actions against this, and will probably update the video game on their own Store.

Whether is that by mistake or not, players that are playing the game by using the Bethesda Launcher are most likely to note a higher performance than those on playing RAGE 2 on Steam.

David Goodwin

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