Riot Employees prepare a walkout in light of protest

According to recent media allegations, Los-Angeles based Riot Games employees are forging a walkout in a protest light to deny the company’s current stance on forced arbitration. This is definitely a first type of protest ignition at video gaming studio of this caliber.

According to Kotaku, one of the Riot employees stated the following:

I’m walking out as a symbolic action to signal to leadership that I care about this issue. I hope leadership takes the time to seriously listen to the issues.

The company recently faced a couple of lawsuits, in which two of them filed by women got detached by Riot Games’ filed motion, confirming arbitration agreements. Arbitration agreements within a company is probably a common thing as it helps the company to resolve disputes outside of courts.

I think having executives get up for two hours and do the classic, roundabout series of denials helped other Rioters wake up to the fact that this is actually happening here. The impression most Rioters got is that [the executives] do care about it, a bit. They care about being publicly humiliated.”

This proves the bitterness among the employees of Riot Games, in which a walkout decision started to forge.

After finding out, the employees decided to organize a walkout as a disagreement with the company’s leadership. Riot Games allows the upset to go through but also announced that newcomers to Riot Games would have the choice to disengage of forced arbitration for harassment lawsuits. The current employees will have to wait a bit longer to receive the same benefit, nevertheless, after the current lawsuits are completely resolved.

It is expected about 100 Riot Games employees to march on the streets in the light of protest against the company’s forced arbitration, clinching the first walkout ever at a gaming studio such as Riot Games.

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