Sony’s next-gen PS5 won’t be as surprising as first discovered

Seems like more leaks are surfacing as media is claiming that the next-gen PS5 will be a very powerful console, literally. A new leak has claimed that the PS5 will attain very strong hardware, and will most likely be head-to-head with the current technology. Why is that so? Well, take a look at the bulleted list below so you could take notes by yourself.

According to a Redditor whos friend attended a PS5 meeting, he discovers a lot of hardware capabilities noticed throughout the meeting. If we lead upon them, it appears that the PS5 will be a resemblance of today’s strongest PCs.

These are the details discovered:

  • 8 core Zen 2, clocked at 3.2Ghz.
  • Custom Navi GPU, 56CU, 1.8Ghz, 12.9TF. RT is hardware based, co-engineered by AMD and Sony. (They believe the RT hardware is the basis for the rumor that Navi was built for Sony)
  • 24GB RAM (Type or bandwidth wasn’t mentioned)
  • Custom embedded Solid State solution paired with HDD.
  • No mention of PSVR 2. At all.

As previously mentioned when Sony first talked about PS5’s estimated parts, it appears that one line perfectly fits, and that is the PS4 native backward compatibility. Also, it is not believed that other manufacturers could provide a normally sized console that would contain any stronger hardware than the aforementioned.

We’re not saying that these sorts of leaks should be taken seriously. Instead, put a grain of salt on every intake. The information doesn’t necessarily mean that is truthful, even if the person has managed to take a photo of the meeting room organized by Sony…

Nevertheless, if those remain the final pieces of hardware, we could see Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox and even Google’s Stadia outperforming Sony’s next-gen console.

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