Starpoint Gemini 3 is an upcoming Space Combat RPG

With a release date somewhere in 2019, the developers behind Starpoint Gemini 3 are bound to reveal more insider info. The latest dev diary has included a lot of character information, and Starpoint Gemini 3 itself claims to have the weirdest characters ever seen in a video game.

It is a good starting point leading to a better marketing program, but will it preserve in the end? According to its official press release, Starpoint Gemini 3 will include a huge amount of content, including a never-seen concept so far.

The alpha gameplay trailer of Starpoint Gemini 3 has introduced the public with its official gameplay mechanics, including some exciting environment.

Starpoint Gemini 3 has a mission of introducing soul and immersion to our Universe. Darko Macan, renowned creator of Star Wars and Marvel comics, was tasked with making the story and characters for this game. It was instantly clear we’ll end up with something special, and our task was to prepare the in-game engine system and 3D models to be able to follow the storywriter’s vision.

You just navigated through a distant asteroid field, approached a remote space station, docked and entered a local bar. An alien Exteran bartender smiles at you and offers a drink along with a good portion of the local gossip… Situations like these best describe the new concept of the game. Everything you’ve heard about in the previous Starpoint Gemini games and everything you’ve encountered in your missions – it’s now given a personal touch and presented from a very individual perspective. Your life story is now connected to real characters and dependent on them at the same time.

You’ll meet humans; many humans. Both male and female. Aliens too, and we don’t mean it as a mere plural, but as in more than one race of aliens. When we talk about specific types of characters, your travels will offer the chance to meet ordinary people, traders, bartenders, heroes of past wars, twins, criminals and shady people, android like dudes, some non-humanoid creatures as well…

Do they like each other? That depends, but nothing changes the fact that all of you are here to stay and finding the best way to do so, and to navigate the complicated mutual relationships, is one of the crucial tasks that the protagonist, Jonathan Bold, will have to tackle. That is – alongside the even more complicated relationships between Jonathan’s former/current and potential girlfriends.

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