The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours isn’t going to receive nerfs

In most of the other video that offers high-end content and instances such as Raids, changes are most likely intended to come over the course of progress. As players progress through, not everyone is able to finish the raid within the given time, so to cut the struggles of other guilds and clans, the Raid Instance becomes liable to nerfs.

However, this still isn’t a thing with the Operation Dark Hours Raid, the first ever Raid Instance in Division 2. The developers have claimed that no changes are scheduled to be performed, as the difficulty will remain the same for everyone. It only matters when the perfect 8-player team is going to click and defeat the Black Tusk.

This was first revealed by the community Chris Gansler, who noted this in the latest “State of the Game”, which is a live event that envelops all of the received feedback and possible changes bound to come in The Division 2.

“We’ve heard rumors about us changing the raid difficulty. There are currently no plans to change that.”

With that being said, there are no coming raid changes, as no tweaks will lessen the difficulty and fidelity the Raid currently offers. It is most likely for the better good of other players, as it will push themselves to master the game.

Below you can find the whole episode of State of the Game #121.

Even on consoles, where the Raid is considered to be harder and was needed around 2 days for its first completion, no help will be deployed for easier clearance. In every single game, Raids are considered as the toughest high-end content to complete. It is the most rewarding content to be completed in each video game that offers Raids.

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