The Unvaulting Countdown over the Vault in Loot Lake has officially begun

Those who don’t know what exactly is going to happen in Fortnite, there will be an Unvaulting LTM that will be causing an event in which players will participate with their input. Their input will be the response of returning any of the previously vaulted items in Fortnite. During the live event happening tomorrow, each player will have an upright chance to recover his favorite weapon or utility in Fortnite.

This may grow as a poll in the future, allowing the players to set their own tempo on any upcoming items in Fortnite. According to many, it may be a test for a future event of this caliber, where Epic Games without a bother decide to return items based on player’s feedback.

In this case, voting. There is supposed to be a voting system, in which players can choose from the items showcased on the monitors in Loot Lake.

This is a polite way of dealing with things in the future. It will allow the players to give their own opinion for the greater good of Fortnite’s future. The timer implies an event during tomorrow. starting exactly in 24 hours from now.

Unvaulting Event Start Times:

  • 12 PM PT
  • 3 PM EST
  • 7 PM UTC

Connected to this, the Volcano is also expected to erupt, unraveling stories about the coming Season 9. The hype is already on a high level and players are looking forward to tomorrow’s event. We’ll make sure we participate as well.

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