Video Games for May 2019 that are definitely worth trying

There are always new game releases, and as such, we’re here to escort their release dates appropriately and slay a word or two on their potential success. Therefore, we’re here to talk about May releases. The new titles will most likely be lacking fun, considering the fact that triple-A developers are mainly focused on the coming E3 2019 event.

We’re going to kick-off with a Bethesda sequel, Rage 2, but there are definitely more to talk about. So, sit back, grab a beer and let’s see our options for May 2019.

Rage 2

The narrative-driven first-person shooter is here to differentiate from others. Some fans and streamers have had the chance to involve in the game, and some have even managed to stream it. Rage 2’s post-apocalyptic setting in which players may encounter defying creatures looks quite promising.

The game’s set into a new era that offers a lot of surprises, such as weaponry and abilities to discover. Blasting enemies will be your way of life, escorted with an impressive voice commentary that tends to spice things up during the mayhem.

Therefore, Rage 2 is a decent option and arguably more than worth trying. Rage 2 is coming out on May 14.

Team Sonic Racing

The game most of you are probably dying to try. Sega’s prolific characteristics shape the world in Team Sonic Racing in a way that no other racing game does. Team Sonic Racing is an upcoming kart racing game, a spinoff from Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog series.

Team Sonic Racing confirms that Kart racing games are getting back towards the top on the gaming industry, especially when now there’s a huge stall in the Battle Royale genre. It is expected to join the success of Mario Kart, which is arguably one of the most preserved titles among fans.

Beliefs discover that it may be the next best selling kart racing game, and according to its fun and content that can be especially enjoyed when played with friends, it definitely states the “worth trying” phrase.

Team Sonic Racing is slated to release on May 21, 2019, on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Life is Strange 2: Episode 3

Now that we have its official launch trailer, Life is Strange: Episode 3 – Wastelands is set to elevate the journey from Seattle to Mexico in a continuous manner. Daniel Diaz and Sean set a foot in the Redwood Forests of California, for which it took a while to get to.

They’re still on the run from the police, and their main mission is to set their way to Mexico safely. Another narrative-driven story is upon you, something that Life is Strange series is capable of, leaving fans breathless.

On the path to success, new friendships will arise, pushing Sean and Daniel to learn more about each other. The official launch trailer discovers more:

Episode 3 releases on May 9th, 2019.

Those are the three favorites that we’ll be monitoring closely throughout this month. What are your expectations out of them? Tell us in the comments below!

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