WoW Classic Is So Hard That Players Report Its Core Mechanics and Features as Bugs

Not everyone played WoW since its release back in 2004, and even those who were part of its first journey seem to have forgotten what actually WoW meant to be. A reason why WoW is the hardest MMORPG ever released, and during WoW Classic, everyone confirms its tiring but joyful gameplay elements. Now that Blizzard released the first WoW Classic Beta, old players are confused regarding some of its features.

That is not supposed to be like that! There’s an issue with this! This is not working as intended! That’s a bug!

None of the aforementioned matters as all of the Beta Testers who were invited in the WoW Classic Beta are reporting bugs due to a confusion. Even if they played the original WoW, they are mostly being thrown of the recent features in the newer expansions, such as the quest tracker, which was probably the most tiring thing in WoW back in the days, making the players be a part of a “running simulator” while in search or pursuit for their designated destination/target.

The only game that required “reading skills” and patience was Vanilla WoW. Without reading the quests you would most likely stray away. It was very unlikely to guess the quest requirements. Therefore, graphics revamp will probably be the only thing changed, and anything else would remain the same when the game releases.

After each encounter, especially during early levels, players were needed to step back and get out of combat mode to replenish a good portion of their health. In general, there were many unclear things players have probably forgotten of and dubiously considered them for a bug.

One of them is the respawn time of some mobs, rares, chests, etc. That was a completely different subject and mostly resulted in party creation. Who’s going to tag it first? That’s where the social part kicked in, and believe it or not, everyone was friendly and helpful, and it was less likely to witness an unpleasant activity in that matter.

Well, to jump to the conclusion, in response to all of the recent bug reports, Blizzard has created a post about the Nature of WoW Classic, stating that it’s the same game as before. Respawn Timers and anything else found weird is just as in 2004, making it difficult for players to adapt to.

Below you can find the message posted by Blizzard regarding the WoW Classic bug reports that are non-existent in the current version of the game.

As we’ve discussed before, the nature of WoW Classic sometimes invokes different memories for different players, and this leads to certain misconceptions for some about what is or isn’t working as intended.

The following is a list of commonly-reported gameplay in WoW Classic that is not actually a bug, and is working as we expect it to:

  • Tauren’s hitboxes and their melee reach is slightly larger than other races.
  • Being critically struck while using /sit to sit does not cause abilities like Enrage, Blood Craze, and Reckoning to activate.
  • Using the “Automatic Quest Tracking” option does not auto-track newly accepted quests. (It instead will start to track an existing quest once progress towards an objective is started.)
  • Warrior health Regeneration is working at the expected rate.
  • Quests objectives and points of interests are not tracked on the map or minimap.
  • Completed quests are marked on the minimap with a dot. (and not a “?”)
  • Feared players and NPCs run fast.
  • Standing on top of other players while facing away allows spells and attacks to be used.
  • Creature respawn rates are much slower than in Battle for Azeroth.
  • NPCs which offer multiple quests may inconsistently display them as a dot or a “!” on the available quests list. They were inconsistent in 1.12, and we’ve reproduced the exact inconsistency they had back then.
  • Quests that are too low level for do not show up as a “!” in the game world.
  • Available quests do not display a “!” on the minimap.
  • On level up, the message: “Your skill in Protection increased to 15” was added in 1.12.1, and we’re intending to keep that.

Remembering the past is hard, especially when it is a word of a huge time span. 15 years is not a short time, and it is normal to see this kind of reactions. However, one thing’s confirmed. WoW Classic is nothing close to what BFA has to offer nowadays.

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