Youtuber ProJared Underage Sex Abuse Allegations

The Youtuber ProJared announced his divorce on Twitter for the whole world to see, but it seems like he was already cheating on his wife and as if it was right on time – underage sex abuse allegations have already begun.

The world famous Youtuber ProJared announced his divorce on Twitter just today, (before reading, please buckle up and get ready for some drama) saying:

Heidi O’Ferrall, his current wife recently wrote on Twitter that ProJared has been cheating on her behind her back for months:

If you’re asking who is Holly Conrad, don’t worry, we got your back.

Holly Conrad is the women who replied on his divorce announcement “I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I’m here for you if need me.”

That’s not good Jared, but what is even worse, is the underage sex abuse allegations and this has been also confirmed by his current wife Heidi.

She wrote on Twitter that everything started as a joke on Tumblr, but not long after Jared created his own account, asking fans for nudes for years. She added that he also started a Snapchat for getting nudes from fans and she found out when a fan of his made a comment about the situation.

Now, you might say that she is angry and she will do and say anything about him at this point, but it seems like the allegations are true.

One fan has come forward and said that ProJared manipulated him via Tumblr when he was only 16. ProJared at that time claimed to the young man that he and his wife Heidi were in an open relationship and sent pictures to the young man. Take a look below:

The young man contacted NormalBoots (the collective of content creators ProJared publishes his content as a part of) and got the following answer.

The beginning of the story may be classified as drama, but sending and asking nudes from underage fans is a BIG NO, NO!

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