Anthem will finally receive a Public Test Server on the PC platform

Anthem, the only game in 2019 which concept was considered as impressive, turned out to be a huge bummer. Each one of the players is already frustrated to a certain point of no return, despite the developer effort put during these days. Well, it appears there will be Public Test Servers for a certain amount of people, knowing that most of them won’t even try it due to disappointment.

If you remember well, BioWare has discovered a new sort of event coming to Anthem, called The Cataclysm. The event was first discovered on a live stream, but now it may be also played after downloading the PTS version of the game. This will allow the players to experience the very first steps of The Cataclysm before it lands on the live version of the game.

Sadly, no other platform will be able to join as this first PTS will be established on the PC platform only. However, after the most recent announcement as a reminder of the PTS arrival, the players cannot stop expressing their frustration towards the developers.

The reminder came from Jesse Anderson @Darokaz, which is Global Community Managed for Anthem.

The flood of frustrated replies hasn’t stopped, as they’re still being active on that tweet particularly. Now, what is BioWare going to do against this some sort of backlash? During its early days, there was nothing that could’ve been done, simply because the game was lacking content BIGTIME.

It got released with only a couple of missions, and it definitely felt like reinitiation of its back then BETA version of the game. It never felt like it’s a full release. Therefore, the backlash is still ongoing, and the player frustration is just rising.

However, we have to agree with the inclusion of the PTS as it may achieve some new goals. This would grant a higher developer knowledge, thanks to certain individuals who’re looking forward to anticipating each and every PTS batch.

Hopefully, The Cataclysm event will repair some of the flaws and somewhat recover the already lost player base.

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