Fortnite: Backblings will work correctly after patch 9.30

This whole day went without an official announcement by Epic Games about the coming 9.30 patch in Fortnite. Well, as you probably expected, and anyone else in the community, the next patch should address a couple of bug fixes, but will probably miss the Backbling adjustments, simply because it has been confirmed they’re bound to come with patch 9.30.

Currently, a variety of Backblings in Fortnite are looking slightly detached on the new starter pack skin, for which a fix will be deployed with patch 9.30. Among other things, this patch is expected to be highly focused on bugs, but also include an update on the next big event in Fortnite.

Therefore, the Cloud Strike glider will most likely be fixed as well, bringing back its proper textures. One of the famous data miners has emphasized that the coming 9.30 will fix the strange backbling behavior, but also commented on the Cloud Strike glider too.

Patch 9.30 is expected to arrive on Thursday, simply because there hasn’t been any particular announcement on the official @FortniteGame Twitter profile. With that being said, it will probably overlap with the reset day together with the new set of challenges for Week 5.

What are your expectations for patch 9.30? Will it be heavily based on cosmetics, or maybe event files that will unravel new mysteries within Fortnite?

David Goodwin

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